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The Killers

This song is by Nomy and appears on the album Free Fall (2013).

They didn't raise you
They didn't love you like I do
You claim you never really had another choice
So I gave you a shotgun
And I gave you the whole world in your hands
I told you I could be the one to save you

And I can feel your heartbeat
I can feel the wind in my hair
And it's just like a movie
But we're not going to die tonight

And they call us the darkness
Because we are the plague around this world
The red white and the blue won't be the same
We are the darkness
We are the ones you call insane
Ferocity will be my middle name

And now they call us the killers
And now they call us the crazy far too long
I need a shotgun

They didn't see us
Never expected us to show
And the blood on our hands will never dry

Because when your raised your shotgun
And when I saw the smile upon your face
Then you fired in slow motion when they tried to run

When I see you at the gates of hell
I will hold your hands and wish you well
My love 'cause everyone is dead above

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