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​Radio Clean

This song is by Nomy and appears on the album By The Edge Of God (2011).

Please play my song I made it just for you
The rhymes are here too
It's not too long its perfect for the 'cause
A sell out for applause
I try to keep the energy
It's by the books of simplicity
I don't need to be free
I keep my voice just like a teen
I keep my face shaved nice and clean
This is it am I your dream
I can sing this song
It's perfect not too long
I don't know what I'm going to sing
They always give some music about anything
The words keep coming out
They're meaningless no doubt
Every god damn parents going to love this shit
Because it's easy and they don't know what it's all about
Rip me off
Take it all
Stream my soul
From the radio
Rape me good
Like you said they would
I'll be your star
Like in Hollywood
Please play my song I made it just for you
Unliked by a few
I've tried so hard making it a hit
But now it sounds shit
Make a way
I am of to Boulevard Avenue
Radio please say ok
Take me there
No one ever going to say Nomy who
Can you make me a millionaire