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I Hate You Diane

This song is by Nomy and appears on the album Psychopath (2014).

I beg you to love me For all that I've done
Yeah love me and we'll become one

I beg you to hold me And care for me now
Because jack he disappeared some how

And without any reason you started to scream
And hysterically making a scene
And you dropped all your bags and you ran out through the door
In slow motion a fell to the floor

And you ran like the wind while I sang

Don't leave me Diane I don't understand
Why you run away from me I love you so honestly endlessly
Don't leave Diane

I'm sitting with jack In his house all alone
Just waiting for you by the phone

His head is on a table But he ain't talking much
Just waiting with me by the phone

Come back to me now Diane I will find you Diane

I've been waiting for hours And I do understand
That you're not coming back here Diane
But I'll find you where ever you ran

I'll kill you Diane Believe me I can
Where ever you run from me I'll catch you so happily

I'll kill you Diane You must be insane
When you run away from me I'll catch you so easily
God damn you Diane

I've done all that I can Why can't you understand
That you're killing me

I've been making a plan So you'll love me Diane
But you're leaving me Don't leave me Diane

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