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I Can Take It Slow

This song is by Nomy and appears on the album By The Edge Of God (2011).

I meet you everyday for work out
We've been going for years
We both have girls that we don't care about
My friend, I know they talk a lot
We're trying to find the best solution
But we're to scared to face the real conclusion
The days keeps passing by
We're living in a lie
Some day
I'll say
We're giving it a try
Meet me half way
'Cause I'm reaching out for you tonight my friend
I'll take it slow on this rodeo
We can cuddle all night
I can hold you so tight
I can tickle your back
While you're playing with my sack
We don't have to feel bad
Well the girls might be sad
Tonight it's you and I
I'll go gently if we try
I can take it slow baby lets go
Your not ready to hold my hand
Man I can understand
If we're in public then we're just friends
Oh God I miss your hands
We giggle and jumping down the street now
'Cause last night we connected some how
The flirting still goes on
We're men and we are strong
Some day
We'll say
Girls are always doing it wrong
Hold me When it's getting cold
Your girlfriend is getting old
Hold me when I'm down and blue
'Cause I love you and you and you and you and you

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