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Been Trying For You

This song is by Nomy and appears on the album By The Edge Of God (2011).

I've been standing alone
Out in the rain
Hours of pain
I've been sitting alone
I've been watching my past
You made me last
And I wonder now
How it would be
If you could sit right next to me
Today tomorrow and always
Yeah I've been watching our past
The one that we had
The time that we shared together here
I've been trying for you
Been standing alone
That's all I can do
I've been standing alone
Grasping for air
Intensely aware
I've been running alone
I've been leading your way
Through dark hollow days
Now I realize
What I have to do
Just to be with you
Today tomorrow and always
I'm starring in to this
Life we should believe in
I do the things we've done
But everything moved on
I always can see you
In all that I still do
I try to stay alive
But I am already gone

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