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This song is by Nominon and appears on the album Remnants Of A Diabolical History (2006).

A grey stone monument
Risen unnaturally into the air
At the commands of the priest
Carvings glowing with unearthly light

As the dead enters the fire
Cold as ice and black as death
Characters since long forgotten
Was struck by moonlight, now corpses revive

Sanctuary of the Dead!

Whispered into the night
Three carved symbols into the stone
The first one, the sign of our race
Beyond the stars, scribe of the ancient

The second was the key to the ponvers
The elder gods may now be summoned
The third sign is the sigil of the watcher
Face the dead below

Chalices filled with blood
Covenants have been sworn
Sacrifices performed
Here's where the dead forever... roam!

The seals has been carried
To the rock of invocations
Banished from the world of light
Here is where the dwellers end

Worshippers of the ancient serpent
The profane of the banished
Must never know about these seals
Then the world will perish

Sanctuary of the Dead!

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