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Mama's Little Boy

This song is by Nomeansno and appears on the album Mama (1982).

Come the night, come the night
All the man want to fuss and tight
But not me, not me
'Cause that's not what I want to be
'Cause I'm Mama's little boy

Mam tells me everything she sees
Well it may scare you but it don't scare me
'Cause I'm Mama's little boy
I like what I want to see

All day long she watches her dancing sons
Come the night she picks the talles one
But I'm Mama's little boy
I've nothing to hide

All the Gods, the Gods of the sun
They're just bastards sons
Daddy, Daddy, come and see
The onslaught of insanity
'Cause I'm Mama's little boy
And I'm mad

There's a place where I want to be
And it's dark there, there's nothing to see
And you're alone, there's nothing you can do
Something's coming, something's coming to you
You are- you don't know where you are
You are- you don't know who you are
You are-you don't know what you are
You ae helpless, you are helpless
That's where I want to be, there's where I want to be
'Cause I'm Mama's little boy
I feel, I can feel

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