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Bridge Warder

This song is by Nomans Land and appears on the album Raven Flight (2006).

Tapping to the bridge
To the world of Gods
The master of the wolfs of waves
Who loses the chains of Midgard
Goes to the great warriors

Ting of swords and biting arrows
Make the Viking glad with its song
Cry of rage and moan of death
Odin calls his sons to the abode of Gods

Heimdal raises the sting of steel snake
And greets the master of ting of wounds
A death cry of the black wolf
Is heard by warriors in the storm of swords

Heimdal raise his sword
And greets the lord of storms
A death cry of the black giant wolf
Is heard by warriors

Battle is waiting for
Brave Einherier
Great Northern man's will
Strike the shields
And the blood will shed the world

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