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This song is by nolongerhuman and appears on the album Withdrawal (2014).

I have seen the end
Too tired to take another step
Found my mortality
In liquor fueled fantasy

I had given in
To all the prescriptions
Of so called society
Beauty of conformity

So much suffering
Worn like a new flesh
Unscarred from insults
Neither wounded nor afraid

The man you once knew
He withered and he died
What you see now
Is all that's left alive

I have overcome them
All their petty lies
Become something more than them
I have opened my eyes

I have paid the price
Smiled through all the pain
Lived through the loss
Just to do it all again

Survival of the fittest
I am still standing here
Cutting the strings
Of my own puppeteer

I will gladly die
But I will not believe
In a human nature
That deifies apathy

Stop. Listen. Think. Infest
We have nothing left to lose
Stop. Listen. Think. Infest
No one can hurt you - not anymore

Stop. Listen. Think. Infest
Now they know - we won't give in
Stop. Listen.Think. Infest
Strength is born from individuality

No matter who you were before
The time has come we go to war

Stand up and fight or lose yourself
Take back your pride and fight with me