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​My Eyes Are Open

This song is by nolongerhuman and appears on the album Depersonalization (2012).

Liar, my little lost love
No matter how much
Hate pours out of you
I take the punishment
With a broken smile
I like the abuse
If I get to stay
Close to you

You took my fears away
Only to replace them
With something
So much worse
You gave me a
Stainless soul
And now
Oh god, now I know

Nothing scares someone
Who's not afraid of dying
Nothing scares a man
Not afraid of dying
You can't take
Anything more from me
It's all for her
I gave it all for her

Dreamer, open my old wounds
Dedicated now to only your world
I lost myself slipping deep into you
Prisoner of the temporary

I can't lose you, please not yet
Someday, maybe you will open my eyes
So I can see what I have always known
How worthless I really am to you