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Modern Narcissus

This song is by nolongerhuman and appears on the album Withdrawal (2014).

Someday we all have to die
All we will be is a memory
Fleeting and easily forgotten
For those who hated us in our life

Your image put on display
Imperfections are showing through
Your fragile world is falling around you
Coming down on your narrow shoulders

Integrity was just a word for you
Something intangible with no value
Traded to the highest bidder
For your moment in the spotlight

Your grave waits on you
All your pride will amount to nothing
Under the dead earth in the end
You will decay the same as we all do

We were your audience
Long since driven mad
Captivated by the act
You designed to play the lead
Lost in your ego
Dancing like a fool
Greasepaint caked on thick
Look your best for the lights

Lay out your costume
Remember beauty fades
This is your only chance
To make them all see
How unique you are
So much more than ordinary
You became what you hate
So play on while we scream

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