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Lusus Naturae

This song is by nolongerhuman and appears on the album Introvert (2013) and on the album Withdrawal (2014).

Nicotine stains and old faded scars
Tightlipped knowing smiles, tired eyes
Calculated movements together in time
Grinding out our addictions one by one

We are - the Lusus Naturae
Cast from the same mold by your god
Insects crawling just beneath our skin
We have become something beautiful

Come on then lover, make me dirty
Come on then lover, make me bleed
Come on then lover, make me scream
Come on then lover, die with me

Freak of nature
My savior
Freak of nature
My confessor
Freak of nature
Guilty pleasure
Freak of nature
I won't be hidden anymore

Freak of nature
My enabler
Freak of nature
Taking over
Freak of nature
We belong together
Freaks of nature
Feeding off one another

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