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Distract Me

This song is by nolongerhuman and appears on the album Depersonalization (2012).

I will build you
Better than the competition
I will create you
Someone brand new
I nurture every need
Like no one ever has
I sell distraction
Take my hand follow me
I can cure you
Tell me where it hurts
I will absolve you
Any sin you commit
I answer prayers
Every day of the week
I sell distraction
Sign here to agree
I offer what you need
Any vice satisfied
I will never leave you
My word is my bond
I am here to help you
Check your contract
I sell distraction
Money back guarantee

How much can you take?
Media for mass consumption
Television blaring
Twenty four seven
How much will you pay?
To have your freedom taken from you
Sell your soul - beg for more
The American way

I will protect you
From yourself
I will whisper in your ear
Every sick desire
I will love you
As long as you pay the fee
I sell distraction
Money back guarantee

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