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Disassembled Tears

This song is by nolongerhuman and appears on the album Introvert (2013).

Another random room
In another random city
Wishing I could see your face
Somewhere out there in the dark

This bone-chilling cold
That I have never felt before
Knowing you are gone again
With another one

What we lost
Will never be found again
So let me lie
Lie to myself

You took something
From inside of me
I didn't know I had
Now I need it back

Will you meet me
Where there is no darkness?
Will you take me
Far away from all the pain?
Will you hold me
When I can't tolerate myself?
Will you love me
If I only ask for you to stay?

Will you see me
When I am at my worst?
Will you let me
Chase your demons for you?
Will you hold on
When no one else was strong enough?
I won't live another day
Without you next to me

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