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Dead Empire

This song is by nolongerhuman and appears on the album Withdrawal (2014).

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We are products of obsolescence
Left behind in the name of constant progress
Children of a dead hollow empire
Promised life of pointless surplus

Factories churning out our intention
Poison measured by the cubic meter
Breathe deep excess of our invention
Choking on the taste of our decision

Leading you single file to the gallows
Bred a legion to serve the corporation
Born to be nothing but product placement
Clamoring like infants for the decadence

Skeletons bleached out in the sunlight
When the graves have become one too many
Showing us our proud legacy
We have chosen to call a democracy

Dead Empire
One nation under fear
Freedom was just
Another word for obedience

Dead Empire
One nation under madness
We burned the world
To nothing but ashes

Dead Empire
One nation under hate
Armed with only lies
Everyone is an adversary

Dead Empire
One nation under force
Slavery is the only
Thing that's still free

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