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This song is by NOISIΛ, features Foreign Beggars and appears on the album Split The Atom (2010).

Original video
Interrogator: Hello Simon.
This is our third crisis meet this week, what's going on Simon?
Simon: Nothing.
Interrogator: Six people is in intensive care, that's not nothing Simon.
Simon: It's not me.
Interrogator: That's going to be hard to prove.
But if it's not you, who is it?
Simon: Somebody else.

Deep in the conflict
Whole body braves for the impact
Liquid melody soaks me thoughts flow through with syntax
Ducking and diving
See me weavin' through heathen massess
My vision blurred millitant serves deep in passages

There's no escape
Your just a red mark my laserpaint
Killer instanct sharp like the edge of a Razor Blade
Your body bag squeezing the trigger
The quick flash blind solo seek piece when the last enemy flatlines!


Call me the Minotaur
Cave dweller settle the final score
Brave terrorist head effects to the minor scores
Raise tension
Stress levels and violence soar
Less tortured venomous methods of silence spawn

Affect the army that when the enemy fight the swarm
Stay sheltered
Stray pellets sent a vital cause
Pray weather forgives else the night was scorn
Crazed venture, Beggars dancin' to ride the storm!


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