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The Tide/Concussion (2005)Edit

Noisia - The Tide
The Tide/Concussion
  1. The Tide
  2. Concussion

Lost Cause/Choke (2006)Edit

Noisia & Teebee - Lost Cause
Lost Cause/Choke
  1. Lost Cause (featuring Teebee)
  2. Choke (featuring Mayhem (US-GA) and MC Verse)

Bad Dreams/Omissions (2007)Edit

Noisia - Bad Dreams
Bad Dreams/Omissions
  1. Bad Dreams
  2. Omissions

Exodus (2007)Edit

Noisia - Exodus
  1. Exodus (featuring Mayhem (US-GA) and KRS-One)
  2. Exodus (Instrumental)

Yellow Brick/Raar (2007)Edit

Noisia - Yellow Brick Raar
Yellow Brick/Raar
  1. Yellow Brick
  2. Raar

Gutterpunk (2008)Edit

Noisia - Gutterpunk
  1. Gutterpunk (Original Instrumental Mix)
  2. Gutterpunk (Mason Remix)
  3. Gutterpunk (Mason Dub)
  4. Gutterpunk (Jaymo Remix)
  5. Gutterpunk (Body Snatchers Remix)
  6. Gutterpunk (Radio Edit) (featuring Rebecca Riley)

Seven Stitches/Groundhog (2008)Edit

Noisia - Seven Stitches Groundhog
Seven Stitches/Groundhog
  1. Seven Stitches
  2. Groundhog

Stigma/Crank (2009)Edit

Noisia - Stigma
  1. Stigma
  2. Crank

Split the Atom (2010)Edit

Noisia - Split the Atom
Split the Atom
  1. Machine Gun
  2. My World (featuring Giovanca)
  3. Shitbox
  4. Split the Atom
  5. Thursday
  6. Leakage
  7. Hand Gestures (featuring Joe Seven)
  8. Headknot
  9. Red Heat
  10. Shellshock (featuring Foreign Beggars)
  11. Whiskers
  12. Alpha Centauri
  13. Soul Purge (featuring Foreign Beggars)
  14. Diploducus
  15. Paper Doll
  16. Dystopia
  17. Sunhammer (featuring Amon Tobin)
  18. Stigma
  19. Square Feet
  20. Browntime (iTunes Bonus Track)
  21. Peacock Strut (iTunes Bonus Track)
Bonus tracks on 2012 Special Edition:
  1. Tommys Theme
  2. Could This Be
  3. Stigma (Neosignal remix)
  4. My World (Posij remix) (featuring Giovanca)
  5. Split the Atom (Kito remix)
  6. Tommys Theme (Loadstar remix)
  7. Soul Purge (Current Value remix) (featuring Foreign Beggars)
  8. Diploducus (Kill The Noise remix)
  9. Tommys Theme (Munchi's Fear Is Weakness remix)
  10. Thursday (Black Sun Empire remix)
  11. Diploducus (The Upbeats remix)
  12. Alpha Centauri (Excision & Datsik remix)
  13. Machine Gun (16 Bit remix)

Friendly Intentions/Displaced (2011)Edit

Noisia - Friendly Intentions
Friendly Intentions/Displaced
  1. Friendly Intentions
  2. Displaced

Program/Regurgitate (2011)Edit

Noisia - Program
  1. Program (featuring Phace)
  2. Regurgitate

Imperial (2012)Edit

Noisia - Imperial
  1. Imperial (featuring Phace)
  2. Tryhard
  3. Dustup (featuring The Upbeats)
  4. Containment

Hyenas/The Liquid (2013)Edit

Noisia - Hyenas - The Liquid
Hyenas/The Liquid
  1. Hyenas (featuring Calyx & Teebee)
  2. The Liquid (featuring Evol Intent)

Purpose (2014)Edit

Noisia - Purpose
  1. Oh Oh
  2. Purpose (featuring Phace)
  3. Running Blind
  4. Shaking Hands
  5. Asteroids (featuring Prolix)
  6. Long Gone (featuring Evol Intent)
  7. Stamp Out
  8. Leopard Slug

Dead Limit (2015)Edit

Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit
Dead Limit
  1. Dead Limit
  2. Inverse
  3. Omnivore
  4. Mouthbreather

Other Songs Edit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Alice (Noisia Remix) (the original is made by Moby)
  2. Alpha Centauri (Receptor Remix)
  3. Deception
  4. Earthquake (Noisia Remix) (the original is made by Labrinth)
  5. Ease Forward (featuring Joe Seven)
  6. Get Me Down
  7. Gutterpump (Rogue Element & Tom Real remix)
  8. Hubcap
  9. Massada
  10. Sandworm
  11. Underprint (featuring Alix Perez)

Additional information

Band members:
  • Nik Roos
  • Martijn van Sonderen
  • Thijs de Vlieger
Related artists:
Record labels:

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