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The Galway Races

This song is by Noel McLoughlin.

As I rode down to Galway town to seek for recreation
On the seventeenth of August my mind was elevated
There were multitudes assembled with their tickets at the station
My eyes began to dazzle and them going to to see the races

With me whack foldeda folde dithery idle day

There were passengers from Limerick and passengers from Nenagh
And passengers from Dublin and sportsmen from Tipp'rary
There were passengers from Kerry and all quarters of the nation
And our member, Mr.Hasset for to join the Galway Blazers

There were multitudes from Aran and members from New Quay Shore
The boys from Connemara and the Clare unmarried maidens
There were people from Cork city, who were loyal, true and faithful
That brought home the Fenian prisoners from dying in foreign nations

There was half a million people there of all denominations
The Catholic, the Protestant, the Jew and Presbyterian
There was yet no animosity, no matter what persuasion
But fáilte and hospitality inducing fresh acquaintance


Written by:

Noel Mcloughlin

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