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What Are You Gonna Be for Halloween?

This song is by Noel MacNeal and appears on the album Bear's Holiday Celebration (2002).

This song is featured in the television series Bear in the Big Blue House.
You could be a friendly ghost
Who haunts a cemetery
Or a wacky werewolf
Who is big and gross and hairy

You could be a Martian
With nostrils slimy green
And who said "boo?"
Was that you?

You could be a superhero
Or his little brother
A bat whose brains are oozing
In one ear and out the other

Just think of what you'll see
When all the spooks are free
So what are ya' gonna be for Halloween?

On Halloween
With lots of creatures on parade
On Halloween
Hey, you don't need to be afraid
And all your friends will be surprised
To see you in your cool disguise

'Cause Halloween's the time
That trick-or-treat has come to visit
Hey, that isn't you inside that costume there
Or is it?

'Cause you might be a skeleton
Or a fairy queen
A seven-headed monster
Whose every head is green
Or maybe you'll be something
That no one's ever seen
So what are ya' gonna be for Halloween?
For Halloween?
For Halloween?


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