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​Too Late

This song is by Noel Gourdin and appears on the album After My Time (2008).

Is it too late to change your mind
I was hopping I could see you just one more time
If it's too late to get you back
I'll move on along you just like that

It's been a whole year since we talked
And I been missing you
And everything all right with me
I wanna know how life's treating you
I was dead wrong always gone
Leaving you home alone when I should have been there for you

There's something I wanna say
Pride got in the way
Should of stopped you at the door
Should of loved you more
But now that you're gone away I feel it everyday
So much pressure babe
I wanna catch a flight
I'll be there tonight

Its no one else's fault
Girl I paid the cost
If you don't return well I guess its just my loss
Can I get a second chance
Can I get one more dance
Now I realize that I need you in my life

I made it so complicated, and now she's jaded
'Cause I procrastinated I never meant to do her wrong
I regret that it took me so long
To see you that I was hurting my baby
I think I'm getting faded
You see I took her for granted and I couldn't have planned it much worse
But sugar I gotta know

Is it too late, is it too late
Give me a try, give me a try
Is it too late, is it too late
Give me a try, give me a try

Written by:

Carlos D Wilson