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Make the Most

This song is by Noel Gourdin and appears on the album After My Time (2008).

We all, we all have our little difference and faults
Sometimes we don't see eye to eye
And go for days and don't talk
Just imagine something happens to the ones we love
While we hold a silly grudge

Don't procrastinate shower the people you love with love
Make sure they know with a kiss or a hug
Can't hesitate to give them all and all
Pick up the phone and call
Don't go your whole life long without the joy
Of knowing you loved someone
And they returned the love 24

Make the most of the time you share
With that special someone
Let them know how much you care
Life is short
We don't really know,
Make the most don't be afraid let the feelings show

A guy who couldn't put aside is pride to save his life
Sits alone at home by the phone and its no surprise
He done took that woman for granted and she got wise
Better open your eyes and recognize

Something as simple as a smile,
Can make the day worth while
If we could only be like a child
And remember to laugh sometimes
And not question our hearts


Written by:

Andrian Adams; Edward DJ Eddie F Ferrell; Noel Gourdin; Darren Lighty; Clifton Lighty; Balewa Muhammad; Addarlly Wilson

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