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​I Fell

This song is by Noel Gourdin and appears on the album After My Time (2008).

I used to say that I lost faith in love
Cause nothing could come
From robbing your will and a heart that could break
But then you came my way
I was so naive again and so brand new again
But I dug ya, then I liked ya
Now I love you baby

I'm so happy since you came to me
A love so heavenly
You inspired a change you made a believer in me
I'm so blessed to be, living my fantasy
A love so heavenly
Created for me is it too good to me

I feel I don't wanna get back up
Girl I don't wanna pick myself up and out of love
Up and out of love
I feel but you don't have to help me up
'Cause I don't wanna get back up and out of love
Up and out of love

Don't ever wanna [Repeat: x5]

Now look at me
I'm so wrapped up in love
And all that we've become
I never thought it'd be me
Remember who I was, I never left the club
I never gave my trust, but you gained it
I can't explain it no, oh girl

Ain't nothin' left for me to say
But still there's so much more
I swear I never talk this way
I don't wanna bore you
But I really adore you
I know its sounds crazy
But my world ain't spinning without you

Written by:

Brian Kennedy Seals; Christopher Breaux; Antwoine Jerome Collins; Noel Gourdin