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Wicked, Vicious & Violent

This song is by Nocturnal Breed and appears on the album Fields of Rot (2007).

Into the scablands
To the end and to your death
There's something evil in these hills

Hiding in corpse-chariots
Into the winter desert-Hell
As spoils of war - The butchers' bill

The mortuary wagons stops
Bloodletting time is here
Tied-up neck to heels
Dragged off by your hair
Into the charnel house we go
Steadfast - With vicious speed
Nailed onto a wooden cross
Hung from the walls to bleed

One by one - Stretched out on a butchers block
With a ripping sound - Like tearing meat
The scalped hide comes off
As bait on hook - Skull-fucked to death
They're carving flesh from bone
Dejointed - Limb by limb
As pigs they feast with rabid moans

Wicked ... Vicious and Violent

For 7 times 7 nights
They ate away our flesh
Flesh-meister's funeral feast
Rawhide and ravenous death
Sliced and diced and cleaved in two
A master piece of meat
Mouth and eyes sewn shut with wire
Upon the table of Hell you reek

Picked clean of skin and meat
The flesh-hooks pin you down
Licking corpse-grey lips
As bone saws grind with cracking sounds
Festering and flayed alive
In prolonged agony
As you smell your own flesh cooking
Cramped in terror - Viciously

An all enclosing wickedness
The savage in their core
Cannibal - Flesh-ripper crawl
The scavengers of war

Are you wicked?

Damned in the desert-foothills
Meat hooks lick your flesh
As they're ripping out your tongue
With rusty needles - Black as death
Flayed and chained and ripped to shreds
Skin peels from yellow bones
Cannibalistic-evil calls
The sadist in our soul

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