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Under the Whip

This song is by Nocturnal Breed and appears on the album Napalm Nights (2014).

"Fuck'no I never signed up for this"

"Life crawling on broken glass
Whips and claws like sticks and stone
I'll rip out that screeching coffin-heart
As the bull's whips are crackin' bone"

Now, flesh will crawl
Each move's an error
Like an iron claw in a velvet glove
This bitch is terror

Now, I shut you up
Hell knows I've tried
She's got a cruel, cruel way
With those needles and blades
It is time to let a sleeping dog lie (c'mon)

Down and out - Dead and gone
Cold blood - Cold comfort
Un-avenged and unsatisfied
Crawling lizard-like across the folds

You're - Under the whip
I'll rid me of you in due course
Nay-saying driveling bitch

All lights out - You're under the whip
Dust to dust - It is pay-dirt time
Under the whip

Words like bullets - Like sand in my lungs
Bow down - Backs laid bare
Don't touch - Don't think - Don't feel - Don't speak
Or those whipmasters-nights will flare
(I Say)
In the darkness of her firing-range
End-game - (The) End of the line
Flayed with whips from the devils grip
Hell followed her two steps behind

Now rip it up
Whipped with wire
You scream like scraping iron nails
Higher and higher

Beating on a dead horse
Fem' Jackal - She-killer
Like a double-dealing praying mantis
Only bedlam can thrill her

"I'll never taste the rotten fruits you offer
Crawl from under the whip"

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