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The Devil Swept the Ruins

This song is by Nocturnal Breed and appears on the album Napalm Nights (2014).

Drawn and quartered
Cornered and caged
Fighting for old flags
A lions share waged

Keep your boots on - Stick to your guns
This is where we'll make our stand
Our kind, does not make old bones
Got the devil at point-blank

Chance is feeble - Chance is gone
I'll beat the reaper this last time
In this hell-hole I swear I will not die
As the ghost of war slowly sweeps the ground

We're riding home in a long black box
With bloodstained flag and silver handles
Like rats we ran towards the gates of Hell
Hooked between a ruin and a war-blade
The Devil swept the ruins
Now I long for the valley of death
The generals never said... When they told us to wage war
There's no coming back from where you're going

Death before surrender
We dug our heels in hard
Always go down fighting
Claim victory in your heart

Keep your boots on - Stick to your guns
Death comes reaping fast tonight
Hell walks among us - Turning men into dogs
Pinned down and dying to fight

Uncompromising and unconditional
Unrelenting and unbound
This is no place for bloodless cowards
Watching distant cities burning to the ground

"After more than 70 days of siege, in the missile-raked ruins of Khe'Sanh
We saw the circling death from above
For they're all gone now and left is only a smoking hole
We had the advantage -Now it's death-absolute"

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