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​The Bitch of Buchenwald

This song is by Nocturnal Breed and appears on the album Napalm Nights (2014).

Skin lamps are, Burning
Bones are thinnin'
Devil's on the loose
Fresh flay for the taking

The Grotesque walk like arachnid-dead
En route to incineration
Time drags its heel here
Digging shallow graves
In timeless petrifaction

Devil's foulest mistress
Morbid love of death
Only mean bones in this body
Unbridled sadistic bitch
She-Wolf - Oppressor
The pleasures of her flesh
She carries her madness to the bone
Serrated bride of death

"Oh you fucking Devils-whore
She loved it to death"

You will know no rest
No, there ain't no warm bodies here
This cruelty's coming from Hells heart
A soul-less dead mind cold as steel
Under callous beatings
Into degraded wretched wrecks
Violated, flayed and rotting
Under the Iron-hex

The Bitch of Buchenwald
The Bitch of Buchenwald
Dead-skin lust burning through her brain
Ravenous bitch howling insane

The Bitch of Buchenwald
The Bitch of Buchenwald
The Bitch of Buchenwald
In untamed callous wickedness
Malicious life-control

"Can you see the skin lamps burning in the night
Beneath the search-light towers..."

Hyena-excruciator hemming you inn
By the light of a thousand cleavers
Falling asleep for this very last time
To the sound of the funeral-furnace screaming

Rattling bony fingers
Rattling chains to hold your soul
This appetite for death is unrelenting

Skin harvest lunacy
Iron-clad in certainty
Death is release - No hope or illusion

Immolation delirium
So insipid and impure
Draped in scraps of human flesh
This bitch will flay you raw
Unquenchable blood-thirst boiling
In boundless tribulation
Pure undiluted madness
In prolonged putrefaction