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Napalm Nights

This song is by Nocturnal Breed and appears on the album Napalm Nights (2014).

Hordes of bombers coming inn
Lungs filled with fire - At war again
Midnight in the firing line
Death-baptism - Jumping the mines
Hanoi Hannah screaming out her lies
VC's like insects swarming in like tides
The jungle-rot eating flesh alive

"Agent orange - Fire at will"

Running - Praying - And dying
Deployed into this jungle Hell
Searching - Blasting - Through fire
As we climbed with mad abandon
Every god-damned hill

Sundown in paradise through melted eyes
Pouring molten lava from the skies
Arc-light over Ho-chi-minh
Senses sharpened - Like knives to win
It's been our fate since we came to base
To pick the Joker and not the Ace
From Da'Nang to the D.M.Z
"Through the endless rain"

The first and only - The last of many
In the A'Shau-Valley we rot - Cored from bone

Napalm Nights
Now bring the morphine to blur out this Hellish sight
Napalm Nights
Peeling the melting skin off your burning children

"Release the napalm"

Storms of napalm coming inn
Carpet bombing - At war again
Striking first and strike them fast
Skin burnt to crisp - And bones to black
Mekong Delta-style - Bagged and tagged
Rolled in napalm and burning rags
We'll take this hill - Now raise that flag

The magic dragon - The napalm roar
Bullet benediction - Here the reaper call

I saw the death-card Joker
On that faithful final night
As re-enforcements came in the cloak of napalm

Upholding the banner
This yellow fever will not stop
We're stuck up here - On Hill-937

Coming in fast and low
Like a carpet of certain death
A blast of napalm winds and iron-ashes

Running for the choppers
G.I's on the Huey-skids
As the Việt cộng came swarming out of their fox-holes

Through crotch-rot and jungle-death
Bugs and Charlies' everywhere
It never broke our backs as we ran with the Hellhounds

Come in Whiskey-company
Scorched flesh and skin burned black
For every limbless marine and fire-walker
... We salute you

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