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​Dragging the Priests

This song is by Nocturnal Breed and appears on the album Napalm Nights (2014).

Cunts and inbreeds of this earth
Crawling on your prayer-bones
So, you think you're wormless, huh?
Judging from your higher ground

Praise the lord and pass the ammo
You swarm across this world like plagues
Amen, to the ministry of the devilish agenda
Brown-nosing priests and popes in every way

Keeling over - Gun-ports open
Crawling on your "ship of rats"
As the spiritual migraine hammers
We have nothing in common you and I

Bring out the blood-hounds, you've learned nothing
Its open hunting season on this scum
Praying for utopian absolution
Like inbred mongrel dogs

Drag them through the streets
Never free from this disease
Like boneless meat
We're dragging the priests

Prayers coming through as ghastly rattles
Chewing on the ribcage of this earth
In this temple of delinquent mad correction
Drag them to the altar-seats to burn

In an ever instant self deceiving brilliance
Like flies drawn to shit and rotten meat
You bleed in arrogance, in blessing and redemption
Words and thoughts fossilizing as you speak

"You were rotting even before you crawled out of your mother's animal mouth"

Like multi-headed worms
Contaminated inside-out
Redemption reverie
I'll never yield, I'll never see - No Never

Infesting on your own young
Eat the gun and pray it's swift
Death penalty is not enough
It's time to right the wrongs - Forever

These feeble words, off whom you speak
I'm tired of this shit
Pious fucking lunatics
I'll never heed, I'll never kneel - Never

Stench of churches burning
Coming back to town
Wipe away the worm-shit
Drive away this weakness now - Forever

Words of rape from the prayer factories
This virus sacrament is all you'll ever need
Divine trickery - Pure pigs in this church of death
Mind-wiped and brain-raped - The antisense in flesh

"Ooah, I can't take it anymore"