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Dawn Campaign... Flamethrower Ridge

This song is by Nocturnal Breed and appears on the album Napalm Nights (2014).

Steel dawn
Come morning - Come death
Always forward - Never back
Like a sniper at the gate of Hell
Rising out of the black

Dawn campaign - Dawn campaign
Like the wolf rushes in

Crawling in to the warzone
Feel the flamer's kiss
Running with the Hellhounds
Up on Flamethrower-Ridge
Here's no rules of engagement
Feel the copper taste of fear
Necrophilia In the ditches
Violated - Dawn of death is here
(War-torn - Dawn of death is here)
(It's here - Dawn of death is here)

Will of iron
Chained to this ditch
This pain is just weakness leaving my body
Death next to nature
Red dawn in Hell
Time to put them bodies in those graves

"Fly-trap bodycount rises
Taking point - And rushing forth
All I saw as I closed my eyes
The endless lines of body bags at home
Fearless in the face of the aggressor
Another clip - Another dawn
With pockets full of fear countless dog-tags
Marching out - This last day of our bones"

"On this last day of our bones
Into the meat-grinder of war"

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