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Cursed Beyond Recognition

This song is by Nocturnal Breed and appears on the album Napalm Nights (2014).

"It has grinded and worn my soul
Into a spirit-scraped shadow
The Devil's always on my shoulder
As I'm cursed beyond - Recognition..."

The Devil was in my bones last night
One heel on the shovel
Pale horse by my side
Now I bleed black - I bleed napalm
As I rot in this cage of my soul

Crawling out of the woodwork it comes
Like worms wriggling out of dead flesh and worn bones
A thousand times - A thousand nights
In endless repetition

Cursed Beyond Recognition
This mammoth iron-cross to drag
Driving bargains with the Devil

The Devil was in my flesh last night
Cursing bone upon bone
As I'm born to the black
In every fear - In every way
Like a straightjacket nailed to the soul

Now all food turns to ash in my mouth
Like a rat in a maze
Trapped in mental lock-down
Yet my pound of flesh - I will always get
Leave my soul for the reapers in wait

This heart beats in a rotten chest
Soul and spirit ripped loose from its flesh
Come death-worms black - And lead the way
To my corner of this abyss

Dreams of devils giving birth to crippled spawn
As the cold winds are blowing - So cold through my soul
Like led it burns through my rotting veins
Each night I dream of Hell

Oh no, No I won't go
I'll rather die spitting fire from below
No omen's black enough
To eclipse this rotten soul
For Nocturnal is the beast of this code

Soul desecrated - Standing on the brink of Hell
As all my bones are slowly grinded
Nerves and flesh is now my cell
The Devil calls through days of strife
Howling me back into the dark
Into the screaming voids
Into the cursed encroaching night

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