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​The Quarry

This song is by No Doctors and appears on the album No Doctors (2002).

My eyes rise no surprise marsupials gather round
Pulled that sink right off of my head it made a whistle sound
Which side divide no place too high for me or me for them
If I go so slow in my car hold fall behind me once again
Lunge with a bite but I feel alright and the quarry moves on

Heard the coach release the smoke yeah I put that cloak back on
Webster lied when he rose that tide but I never had a wand
Filthy filter quite off kilter saw her moonlit clit
Dove inside with so much pride I landed in a pit
Home on the range don't it feel kinda strange and the quarry moves on

Split lip bit my tip and I washed my balls off clean
Sandman cries I would advise you question what I mean
No I didn't pen this tune too soon to hypnotize
Sealed the lid now tell me kid how much your peso buys
Back in the game and you know my name and the quarry moves on