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​Tarbaby Frankenstein

This song is by No Doctors and appears on the album Hunting Season (2003).

Tar Baby Frankenstein
Wrote me a valentine
Said "Please Pretty Baby
Won't you just be mine?"

Slide on up make your moves
Pout your lips "Sing those blues!"
I dip my tongue into that booze
Don't want to taste that nasty cooze
Do you wanna see me stuck
Keep me down out of luck
You got that dance got that suck
C'mon baby lets fuck

Tar Baby Frankenstein
Don't need no valentine
I'm comin' over baby
'Cause you're lookin' so fine

Starting to feel and nothings real
How tight things touch how good things feel
Brought a butter tub and tried to scare and I don't care no I don't care

Some bloody gums In move those mirrors
Snake boot to the bucket fear comes in tears
You got me now fox and bear and I don't care no I don't care

Tar Baby Frankenstein (repeat x 4)

Saw the light dove for that door
Got it all you still want more
Promise baby ain't no chore
Looks like it time to go to war
Now the tales come to an end
Tar Baby's love ain't your friend
Just be careful don't pretend
Or find a broken heart to mend


Tar Baby Frankenstein
Will get her valentine
Lookin' for the seed and
She's doin' just fine

Yeah Tar Baby Frankentstein
Wrote me a valentine
Said "Please Pretty baby
Won't you just be mine?"