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​Solomon Grundy

This song is by No Doctors and appears on the album No Doctors (2002).

300 bullets
325 men
Seems like 16 eggs
Could feed all 61 hens
I don't watch your movies
'Cause I don't need your buggy eyes
And the way you hold your fingers
Is the thing that I despise
Tie your goat-chain to a lamp
Fill a pocket full of piss
If you sing about your corn field
You might get a kiss

Whatever happened to all those apemen?
Where did all the circus-boats go?
As I'm walkin'
Through the whistlin
I don't think I wanna know
And nobody fucks like bridgette bardot
Unless her soul's as black
As the beak of a crow
So when I see you on Sunday
And you're not wearin pants
Spit some whiskey at your sister
Till she show us how to dance