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This song is by No Doctors and appears on the album Hunting Season (2003).

Don't got nothing but CAN"T SIT
Got nothing BUTT can't sit
NOTHING butt can't sit
BUTT can't sit
Can't sit
All right let's go!

C'mon baby step up with a line
Running round clouds running round time
Wallabee waddle faster melting out in the sun
Boot kick to a head and its just begun

Bring a tale to me mama lets land in the sand
Pricks pull from the flower and land in your hand

Horsemen came storming smoke poured from their hooves
Blank faces still staring frog tanks made their moves
Volcano sank up and tribe broke down in twos
King talker a walker started spreading the news

Bring a sun to me mama lets dive in the dark
Waves spit at the sky and come back for the shark

Metalmen stabbed hens built stilts to walk tall
Birdbear knew where laid flat cushion fall
SnakeLake went dry grew fangs made a call
Lets stomp flomp jump and break through the wall

Bring a tale again mama tell me what you see
Feet tied to a ground still sound mighty free

Out from the bush
Chains are imagined
Spit blood at the ground
Bird and Land connected
Each wing a planet
Skull center pulsation
Connect Spread Connect Spread
Pulse center temptation
Connect Spread Connect Spread
Attempt center erection
Sweet penetration
Make love in the air be fair and I don't care No I don't care