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​Outlaw Users

This song is by No Doctors and appears on the album Hunting Season (2003).

Outlaw users

Caught my foot in a trap shut tight
Chew it off with a single bite
Lock the bird inside my sight
Gonna spend my money
Gonna spend it right

Climb to top the tree tonight
Climp to top yeah every night
Shed my skin it just ain't right
Gonna spend my money
Gonna Spend it right

Collapsible objective
No need to be selective
Standing on the east side of the wind

Can't sit still
The traps come shut
I'd gnaw off the leg but I'd rather you cut

Loose those chains yeah lose those rags
If you ain't sure just keep those tags
Find me charred
Throw me in a ditch
Commander look around and I throw the pitch

Sun shining down upon the ground
The chirping sound
Apple core sound off the alarm
The chirping sound

Stickman started swinging
All around the room
And the man in your hood
Start's workin' on his tomb
Yeah that eagle
Took a bit
From every mama's womb
And the clearing caused a tearing from every critter in the room
Freak out

Three stars ain't enough for my belt