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​Icicle of Love Song

This song is by No Doctors and appears on the album Hunting Season (2003).

The crispy whispery voices of the naked hungry clones
Made their way beneath my rusty dusty skull and bones
Description of encryption had been floated out to see
But I ain't no doctor so don't ask me
The coating on her carpet left a twinkle in my eye
But when I made it home I didn't know if I should laugh or cry

Cops keep patrolling
Around and around
Same old block
Same old town
Movements follow
Scripted voices
A medieval
Circus clown

Beetle bailey
Wont you give me back my life
Pass the butter
But please don't pass the knife

The pounding was pursuing the crossed path I had to take
Up above my head the crucifix and down below my feet the snake
Hat tipped hair tossed back my eyes pushed out to see
But I ain't no doctor so don't ask me
Teething breathing mud and blood back to my brain
Caressing what it was the sweet beat of my cane