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​Campaign Special

This song is by No Doctors and appears on the album Hunting Season (2003).

Ill let you in on a little secret
If you want to know
Ain't sure how to guide the reigns
If I'm movin too fast or slow
Ain't sure on the destination
But I heard its pretty far away
Aim your gun for the settin sun
And I cast my mast today

Campaign special x4

I know its hard to understand
Maybe its much too much
You know I used to fear that flame
And I used to be afraid to touch
Ill give you shades the suns too bright
But you gotta leave your shit behind
Guide book said to pack real light
And we still gotta get our papers signed

Then I fell deeper
I caught a bit of head from a sleeper
She asked me 'bout a bird and a reaper
I knew that I didn't wanna keep her
But the hill got steeper

She's lyin' on my bathroom floor
She says she can't take it no more
I didn't know what was in store
Just crawl through the back corridor
And I still ain't sure

But her teeth start to chatter at night
I knew she had the hook I had to bite
She said that we oughtta turn back
I said no girl they on the attack
Then we hop in the sack

And her pale blue fades to black
The dust just slipped through the crack
A diamond in the hole on the wall
Out of change and I gotta make a call
I gotta make a call

I stand up and the waves crashing down
I didn't want to drown
Her trip wire came unwound
I keep movin 'cause it can't be found
It can't be found