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This song is by No Doctors and appears on the album ERP Saints (2004).

Creepin' up from every angle
Step on up or step aside
Bite just like a juicy mango
Baby take it for a ride
Just that old conspiracy

Take control!

Jones knows the combo
Yeah I know the cure
Girl offers me heavy release to be sure

I think you drink you know
Sober till you go
Anywhere you want
Anywhere you know

Change lines and
May the mind now exit the room

Really rapid now
Can't stop no way no how
My arrow red as gold
I take in what I know

Die for my city
But it don't get shitty

Hot pants
Open glance
No way to
Recognize the virus
Or the venom
Inside us
When it save em

Just give me one more
I donate two more
Feel it when I
Shut the blue door
Every night my
Champion inside

Break it down

Hibernate to OM

Sirens on the make
Take aim my third eye
Am the one to control your sound and style
So many try to be me
See me
Coming right through your ear
Reach out and I disappear

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