No-Man:Together We're Stranger (2003)

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Album by No-Man.
  1. Together We're Stranger
  2. All the Blue Changes
  3. City in a Hundred Ways
  4. Things I Want to Tell You
  5. Photographs in Black and White
  6. Back When You Were Beautiful
  7. Break-Up For Real


Guest Musicians:

  • Michael Bearpark Wikipedia16 - guitar solo on track 1
  • Stephen Bennett Wikipedia16 - noise on track 1, organ and cymbal on track 6
  • Peter Chilvers Wikipedia16 - space-bass on tracks 1 and 2, bass on track 6
  • Roger Eno Wikipedia16 - harmonium on track 5
  • Ben Castle - clarinet, bass clarinet, flute
  • David Picking - trumpet on track 1 and 2, electronics on tracks 1-4, percussion on tracks 2 and 5
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