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Loveblows & Lovecries - A Confession (1993)Edit

No-Man - Loveblows & Lovecries - A Confession
Loveblows & Lovecries
  1. Loveblow
  2. Only Baby
  3. Housekeeping
  4. Sweetheart Raw
  5. Lovecry
  6. Tulip
  7. Taking It Like a Man (US CD release)
  8. Break Heaven
  9. Beautiful and Cruel
  10. Days in the Trees - mahler (US Remix) (US CD release)
  11. Painting Paradise
  12. Heaven's Break

Flowermouth (1994)Edit

No-Man - Flowermouth
  1. Angel Gets Caught in the Beauty Trap
  2. You Grow More Beautiful
  3. Animal Ghost
  4. Soft Shoulders
  5. Shell of a Fighter
  6. Teardrop Fall
  7. Watching Over Me
  8. Simple
  9. Things Change

Heaven Taste (1995)Edit

No-Man - Heaven Taste
Heaven Taste
  1. Long Day Fall
  2. Babyship Blue
  3. Bleed
  4. Road
  5. Heaven Taste

Wild Opera (1996)Edit

No-Man - Wild Opera
Wild Opera
  1. Radiant City
  2. Pretty Genius
  3. Infant Phenomenon
  4. Sinister Jazz
  5. Housewives Hooked on Heroin
  6. Libertine Libretto
  7. Taste My Dream
  8. Dry Cleaning Ray
  9. Sheeploop
  10. My Rival Trevor
  11. Time Travel in Texas
  12. My Revenge on Seattle
  13. Wild Opera (hidden track)

Dry Cleaning Ray (1997)Edit

No-Man - Dry Cleaning Ray
Dry Cleaning Ray
  1. Dry Cleaning Ray (Remix Edit)
  2. Sweetside Silver Night
  3. Jack The Sax
  4. Diet Mothers
  5. Urban Disco
  6. Punished For Being Born
  7. Kightlinger
  8. Evelyn (The Song Of Slurs)
  9. Sicknote

Returning Jesus (2001)Edit

No-Man - Returning Jesus
Returning Jesus
  1. Only Rain
  2. No Defence
  3. Close Your Eyes
  4. Carolina Skeletons
  5. Outside the Machine
  6. Returning Jesus
  7. Slow It All Down
  8. Lighthouse
  9. All That You Are

Together We're Stranger (2003)Edit

No-Man - Together We're Stranger
Together We're Stranger
  1. Together We're Stranger
  2. All the Blue Changes
  3. City in a Hundred Ways
  4. Things I Want to Tell You
  5. Photographs in Black and White
  6. Back When You Were Beautiful
  7. The Break-up For Real

Schoolyard Ghosts (2008)Edit

No-Man - Schoolyard Ghosts
Schoolyard Ghosts
  1. All Sweet Things
  2. Beautiful Songs You Should Know
  3. Pigeon Drummer
  4. Truenorth
  5. Wherever There Is Light
  6. Song of the Surf
  7. Streaming
  8. Mixtaped

Other SongsEdit

  1. Days In The Trees (from the "All the Blue Changes - An Anthology" double CD compilation)
  2. Days In The Trees: Mahler
  3. Say Baby Say Goodbye

Additional information

Band members:
  • Tim Bowness Wikipedia16 - lead & backing vocals (plus occasional guitars, keyboards, tapes and programming) (1987-present)
  • Steven Wilson Wikipedia16 - guitars, keyboards, programming, samples, various instruments, backing vocals, engineering (1987-present)
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Record labels:

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