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Shut Up

This song is by Nino Dinero.

I tell a chick shut up like Trick Daddy 'n' Trina
Catch me in tha Crown Vic, Caddy or Beamer
She said she wanna ride stick Lam' or Medina?
I'm in her guts I feel my dick stabbin her spleen up
I go hard is that what you mean slut?, I'm in tha crib
Wrappin a ki up, I'm right back on tha strip after I reup
I got a rich family, flip grams we got them
Bricks can we fix you if you sniff candy?
You make me sick damn B you some type of clown bro
Plus I'm drippin wit swag come 'n' wipe me down ho
Frontin grippin tha mag like what tha fuck you wanna do?
I'll have 'em zippin ya bag for corpses bring tha coroner through
I be on tha corner too, posted like a street sign
Hocus pocus in my pockets toaster on my waist line
Focused on tha grape vine I make a toast wit great wine
Look at how I'm flossin bitch you supposed to hate mine

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