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Here We Go Again

This song is by Nino Dinero.

I promised that I'd love you till tha day that you died
And today you are dead to me I pray for my enemies
Tha hate 'n' tha vengeance seem to only further worsen things
Wrapped around ur fingers as a puppet 'n' you worked tha strings
You couldn't begin to imagine all tha hurt it brings
Listenin to every word it stings
N hearin every lie put a tear into my eye
If my heart breaks any more then I fear I'm gunna die
But bein sad is weak n I'm quite strong
So I try to move on maybe write songs
Tha world's colder wit no shoulder to cry on
Cheatin' is a cheap move were you priced wrong?
You used to be priceless 'n' boo you were my bitch
What I ever do to you why you doin' me like this?
You ruined ya life it's time to cut ya losses
Pain ain't gunna let up but stay wit ya head up

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