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Intro (Attitude)

This song is by Ninja Sex Party and appears on the album Attitude City (2015).

Why, hello there
My name is Danny Sexbang
And welcome to Ninja Sex Party's third album
Attitude City

I've been informed by scientists that this album's loin excitement ratio, or LER, is off the charts
Meaning that you're probably going to want to engage in sexual intercourse once it starts playing
In light of this, Ninja Brian and I would like to offer you
Our official romantic blueprint for listening to this album with your lover

Right now you should already be naked, ready to start your date
Take her or him out to a fancy restaurant, but be sure to be back at your house halfway through track two
That's when foreplay begins
By track four you should be balls deep
Unless you're a pair of sexy lesbians in which case, please call me
Try to hit climax around track seven
So tracks eight through thirteen can be reserved for miscellaneous activities, such as weird butt stuff
As well as other types of butt stuff

We hope this was helpful
Now strap in, strap on and prepare for the ride of your life
This is Attitude City

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