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  1. Weeping
  2. Do Good
  3. Sufferation
  4. Rasta No Pick Pocket
  5. Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner
  6. Cassandra
  7. Mr. Bigman (featuring Porti)
  8. Tumbling Down (featuring Keeling Beckford)
  9. I Need Your Loving (featuring Slim Smith)
  10. Silver Words (featuring Ken Boothe)
  11. Tribute To Donald Quarrie (featuring Bongo Herman)
  12. Blood and Fire
  13. Oberver Station
  14. Prophecy Call (featuring Glasford Manning)
  15. Maggie Breast (featuring I-Roy)
  16. African Train (featuring Flabba Holt)
  17. Paymaster (featuring Gregory Isaacs)
  18. No More Will I Roam (featuring Dennis Brown)

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