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Pyramid spell

This song is by Nik Turner and appears on the album Xitintoday (1978).

Hail, holy one shining from the moon. Grant that this soul may come forth amongst the multitudes which are round about thee and be established as a dweller amongst the shining ones.

May my name be given me in the great house, and may I remember my name in the House of Fire on the night of counting the years and of telling of the number of the months.

Heaven hath power over its seasons and the magical word hath power over that which is in its possession. Let, therefore, my mouth have power over the magical words.

Get thee back, return thee back thou crocodile fiend Sui. Thou shall not advance to me for I live by reason of the magical words which I have by me.

O serpent. I am the flame which shineth upon the opener of hundreds of thousands of years and the standard of young plants and flowers. Depart ye from me for I am the divine Maftet.

I have risen as the mighty bull of gold which has the head of a phoenix, and Ra entereth in by day by day to hearken unto my words.

I am the pure lotus which springeth up from the divine splendour that belongeth to the nostrils of Ra. I have made my way and I follow on seeking for him who is Horus.

Hail, thou great god who art in thy boat. I have come forward to thy steps, let me be the director of thy journeyings and let me be amongst those who belong to thee.

I am yesterday and today. I have the power to be born a second time. I am the divine hidden soul who createth the gods and who giveth celestial meals to the divine hidden beings in the underworld. I am the rudder of the east, the possessor of the two divine faces wherein his beams are seen. I am the lord of those who are raised up from the dead, who cometh forth from out of the darkness.


Lyrics are taken from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

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