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Introduction: My Name Is Niic

This song is by NIIC and appears on the album Unleashed (2014).

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Oh Mommy! The Pet Store! I wanna go! I wanna go inside!

All right, sweetie, but just to look. We are NOT getting you a--

PUPPIES! Look at that one, Mommy!

Yes, he's adorable, isn't he?

I want him. Can we get him? Can we get him?

Now, sweetheart, having a dog is a very big responsibility. You have to feed him, take him on lots of walks, and you always have to love him.

I'll love him, Mommy, and give him lots of walks. I promise, I promise! Can we get him? Can we get him, PLEASE?

All right, if you promise to take care of him, then we can get the puppy.


Now what are you gonna name him?

Watch yourself, girl! Nobody names me! I'm NIIC, the Singing Dog

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