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EP by Nightwish.

Finnish Edition (2001) Edit

  1. Over the Hills and Far Away
  2. Tenth Man Down
  3. Away
  4. Astral Romance (remake)
Bonus tracks on other editions:
  1. The Kinslayer (live)
  2. She Is My Sin (live)
  3. Sacrament of Wilderness (live)
  4. Walking in the Air (live)
Extra bonus tracks on Drakkar edition:
  1. Wishmaster (live)
  2. Deep Silent Complete (live)
Extra bonus tracks on Century Media & Official Collector's edition:
  1. Beauty and the Beast (live)
  2. Wishmaster (live)
More bonus tracks on Official Collector's edition:
  1. Tenth Man Down (live)
  2. Over the Hills and Far Away (live)
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