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Waiting for the Twilight (1984)Edit

Nightmare - Waiting for the Twilight
Waiting for the Twilight
  1. Trust a Crowd
  2. Waiting for the Twilight
  3. Too Late
  4. Royal Death
  5. Drive Down to Hell
  6. Lord of the Sky
  7. The Legend
  8. Fool on the Scene

Power of the Universe (1985)Edit

Nightmare - Power of the Universe
Power of the Universe
  1. Running for the Deal
  2. Diamond Crown
  3. Prowler in the Night
  4. Power of the Universe
  5. Let's Go
  6. Judgement Day
  7. Princess of the Rising Sun
  8. Invisible World

Cosmovision (2001)Edit

Nightmare - Cosmovision
  1. Roads to Nazca
  2. Cosmovision
  3. Corridors of Knowledge
  4. Spirits of the Sunset
  5. The Church
  6. Behold the Nighttime
  7. Necropolis
  8. The Cemetary Road
  9. Kill for the New Messiah
  10. The Spiral of Madness
  11. Last Flight to Sirius
  12. Riddle in the Ocean

Silent Room (2003)Edit

Nightmare - Silent Room
Silent Room
  1. Paranormal Magnitude
  2. The Rise of a Child
  3. Strange Connection
  4. Travel in the Spheres of Dreams
  5. Shades in the Night
  6. Silent Room
  7. Mind Matrix Schizophrenia
  8. A Piece of Paradise
  9. Virtual Freedom
  10. Sniper in the Playground
  11. The Death Toll
  12. Prisoner of the System
  13. Ship of Fools

The Dominion Gate (2005)Edit

Nightmare - The Dominion Gate
The Dominion Gate
  1. Temple of Tears
  2. A Taste of Armageddon
  3. Messenger of Faith
  4. Secret Rules
  5. The Dressmaker
  6. Endless Agony
  7. Paranormal Magnitude, Part Ii
  8. Circle of the Dark
  9. Haunting Memories
  10. Heretic
  11. The Dominion Gate
  12. The Watchtower
  13. K-141

Genetic Disorder (2007)Edit

Nightmare - Genetic Disorder
Genetic Disorder
  1. Nothing Left Behind
  2. Battleground for Suicide
  3. Queen of Love & Pain
  4. Conspiracy
  5. Leader of the Masquerade
  6. Final Procession
  7. The Dominion Gate, Part Ii
  8. The Winds of Sin
  9. Forsaken Child
  10. A Thrill of Death
  11. Wicked White Demon
  12. Dawn of Darkness

Insurrection (2009)Edit

Nightmare - Insurrection
  1. Eternal Winter
  2. The Gospel of Judas
  3. Insurrection
  4. Legions of the Rising Sun
  5. Three Miles Island
  6. Mirrors of Damnation
  7. Decameron
  8. Target for Revenge
  9. Cosa Nostra, Part I: The Light
  10. Angels of Glass

The Burden of God (2012)Edit

Nightmare - The Burden of God
The Burden of God
  1. Gateways to the Void
  2. Sunrise in Hell
  3. The Burden of God
  4. Crimson Empire
  5. Children of the Nation
  6. The Preacher
  7. Shattered Hearts
  8. The Doomsday Prediction
  9. The Dominion Gate, Part Iii
  10. Final Outcome
  11. Afterlife

The Aftermath (2014)Edit

Nightmare - The Aftermath
The Aftermath
  1. The Aftermath (Intro)
  2. Bringers of a No Man's Land
  3. Forbidden Tribe
  4. Necromancer
  5. Invoking Demons
  6. I Am Immortal
  7. Digital Dna
  8. Ghost in the Mirror
  9. The Bridge Is Burning
  10. Mission for God
  11. Alone in the Distance

Other SongsEdit

  1. England

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