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Don't Live Here Anymore

This song is by Night Ranger and appears on the album High Road (2014).

I use to be such an angry old man
That man don't live here any more
I use to wake up and daze with my face on the floor
That man don't love here any more
Ooh everything what you say
Ooh come back to hunt you one day
Everybody want you, every body really carer
That man don't live here any more
I use to think I would always be alone
But that's not me any more
Ain't wrong to leave with this starks on your heart

Ooh it's just not right anymore
You're the one that hear me
Ooh you're the one it's beyond
Did the sky turn blue and darkness disappear
'Cause that man don't live here anymore
Don't take it so hard, is always a why to get back to those days
And you can be how you are
Everything that you say ooh, come back and hut you again
Every want you 'cause every body really cares
That man don't live here anymore


Written by:

Jack Blades, Brad Gillis, Kelly Keagy and Eric Levy

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