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​Country Queen

This song is by Night Moves and appears on the album Colored Emotions (2012).

Someday I'm going there
You just won't let in, you just won't let in
Love, do we all get in love
Like the time you'll forget
And it's just like you won't be too.
Uh, come on, let it dance for everyone you know
You just won't let them, you just won't let them
With those hopes and your fails in those pearls on your chest
We always knew we guess the very end of all
So when you said that you will be done
And you said that I'm the one
Who knows.

So far and tell me, but you won't feel green
So wish I'm falling by you one day
Got by your spare love I'm falling under.
So sister what you think you run away?
I'm falling faster with all our family
Now I'm falling you,
Now moves us to.
So sister can you hide?
Wanna hide
Girl if you go it's done, it's all right.
Well all, it's just a feeling,
Like a culture.
All eyes have seen it
She seem that the whole life was with me,
.'Bout the dreams, I felt it's me.